KURI the UK & France tour in May-June 2011

Full Moon Evening ~ Tuesday 17 May

with KURI, a duo from Japan.

Join us for our first full moon evening of 2011.

The combination of ambient music and candelit gardens makes for a truly magical experience.

We have the pleasure of hosting japanese duo KURI, who will be playing Irish instruments and bamboo instruments from Asia.

You can listen to KURI on their MySpace page.

KURI will be performing between 7 & 9pm.

Refreshments will be on sale between 5 & 9pm.

The shop will remain open until 9pm.

The gardens will remain open until 9.30pm.

                              Normal admission applies. Companions FREE.

More infomation and Book Online

The Chalice Well Trust
Chilkwell Street,
Glastonbury, Somerset

T: 01458 831154

http://www.chalicewell.org.uk/  (Chalice Well Trust)


Foyer Music 

at  The Royal National Theatre

 in London

Enjoy free concerts in the 'Djanogly Concert Pitch' Monday to Saturday evenings (pre-performance) and at lunch time on Saturdays and some Sundays. Feel free to hum along, tap your toes or just sit back and listen to a lively mix of music from around the world... from cool jazz to upbeat ethnic and much, much more.

KURI Concert

Mon 23th May 

start :17:45 pm


*Foyer music is limited to Mondays and Tuesdays during the summer. On other days, weather permitting, there will be Watch This Space activity outdoors in Theatre Square.

Foyer music  info  http://www.nationaltheatre.org.uk/1821/music/foyer-music.html


KURI & Michael Ormiston& Candida Valentino joint  Concert 

Sat 28th May 

At St Pancras old church 

Start 20:00 

St Pancras old church /     Pancras Rd, London NW1,

Tickets ��10/8 (only on the door) 

More info 0208 558 6982 or ormi_khoomii@yahoo.com


Kuri are an acoustic duet creating the essence of the music’s of the world.

Katsu : Greek & Irish Bouzouki, Bodhran, Percussion, Jew's Harp & Vocals.

His music crosses borders among people all ages & cultures.

Miho : Tin & Low whistle, Ocarina, Melodion, Bamboo flute, Percussion & voice.

Her music is played with meaning & joy from the heart,connected to the land. 


Candida Valentino & Michael Ormiston



Michael : Mongolian Overtone Singing, Morin Khuur, Tibetan Bowls &…“Britain’

s leading Mongolian throat singer” 

Candida : Khargyraa Undertone Singing, Dombra, Tibetan Bowls & Gongs. “Sound healer & vocal adventurer”


 Japon Passion 2011 

Le template Universatil, par 55thinking

Sun 5th-Mon 6th June 

Marly city 


We haven't got more information the festival yet .
I'll tell you when I get it.

Contact mail (at the moment) miho-kuri2006@hotmail.com

More concerts in France.....

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